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A primer on provincial policies: Yunnan goes green

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Yunnan's official long-term policy plans may seem a remote topic for many. However, in response to global environmental challenges, a fundamental shift towards sustainability is taking place that will profoundly alter the provincial political, economic and social landscape. In China, business operates in close contact with the government, and as such, plays a key role in rolling out policy. Provincial government, corporations and related events, often unseen by the public, are thus shaping Yunnan's plans in the direction of a greener future.

Yunnan's 'Three Green Brands'

Yunnan is in the process of transforming its economy, with the goal of becoming a global leader in terms of both environmental sustainability and the production of cleaner industrial output. This transformation is taking shape in the idea of 'Three Green Brands'. They include Green Energy, Green Food and Agriculture, and positioning the province as a Healthy Living Destination. Yunnan furthermore has an important role in the international Belt and Road initiative, as the pivot point of China's opening-up to South and Southeast Asia.

Yunnan Green Food International Forum

On September 20th and 21st, international experts, government officials and business leaders will meet at the Zhenzhuang Hotel in Kunming for the first Yunnan Green Food International Forum, where they will discuss healthy food and living. The theme will be 'Biotech and green food industry development'. The forum aims to support the development of a world-class green food industry.

Apart from the main forum in Kunming, there will be a sub-forum in the Huilong International Conference Center in Yuxi. In this sub-forum the other two 'Green Brands', concerning green energy and healthy living, will be discussed. The sub-forum is themed 'Green food, green life, smart city' and will also be attended by international experts.

Below is a translated and edited press release concerning the Yunnan Green Food International Forum. The event is the largest and most comprehensive articulation of the province's policy aims and the players involved since the South and Southeast Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair this summer.

"Yunnan Jiantou unveils "Twin Star" projects

Yunnan Jiantou Real Estate Development and Management Co. Ltd., one of China's top 500 enterprises, has developed two large-scale projects for Yunnan Green Living. The Dian Show and the Yuxi high-speed railway New Town will be presented in this forum in order to inject vitality and momentum in the development of Yunnan's green industry.

The Jiantou Dian Show - creating a model for green living

In the Dounan flower market area, Jiantou has plans to create a new national 5A-class scenic area: Kunming Dounan Flower Town; an example of a green living destination. Dounan, Asia's largest flower market, will become a cultural experience and travel destination.

The project, which incorporates Yunnan's 'Three Green Brands' strategy, focuses on enhancing tea trade and culture, consumption of green food and novel travel experiences. This will be accomplished through ambitious infrastructure development, which will integrate Dounan Flower Town with nearby urban centers. Furthermore, industry, traditional crafts, experiences and consumer chains will be developed as part of this world-class complex. The aim is to create a flagship destination for Yunnan Green Living. The Dian Show will include an urban ecological farm and Yunnan produce will be showcased and traded as part of an experience intended to promote the 'Three Green Brands' of Yunnan's environmental policies to the world.

Yuxi high-speed rail New Town: A new Healthy Living Destination

Also presented at the forum will be the 'Yuxi high-speed rail New Town', jointly developed by the Yuxi municipal government, the Hongta municipal government and the Yunnan Jiantou Real Estate Development and Management Co. Ltd. Over an area of eight square kilometers, urban and industrial characteristics of the region will be dynamically brought together to create this new destination. These will be based on its advantageous location as China's hub for business and trade with the neighboring ASEAN countries and with the rest of the world. As such, the New Town will integrate with the nationally-led 'Belt and Road' project. 'Ecological garden city' and 'smart city' concepts will be at its heart, transforming its industrial assets and urban resources, and creating an international ecological Healthy Living Destination. International medical care, health tourism, leisure and cultural tourism will be emphasised to make "Yuxi high-speed rail New Town" into a world-class Healthy Living Destination."

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Another way for money to disappear.

It would be nice to think these people are serious, but it looks to me like they're into becoming modern and 'civilized and putting up a lot of fancy buildings.' Perhaps this approach needs to be reconsidered, although those in it for the money may not be the best ones to look for to do this, and anyway I'm not sure they're into cooperation, and I don't know of any channels where it might be found.
We can all passively cross our fingers.

A lot of slogans and a lot more concrete.

I'm interested to see how 'green' these spaces actually turn out to be. Either way, i'm excited to see what the outcome of the development(s) are.

Sustainable landscape architect design team from Finland has been tapped to resurrect the future Dongfeng Square at Kunming's city-center.

Behemoth steel frames of Eye of Spring are rapidly rising across from Kunming's current tallest Hang Lung's Spring 66. Eye of Spring will eventually surpass Spring 66 with a 77-storey skyscraper, along with a smaller 71-storey skyscraper. The Ritz-Carlton will be entering one of the two.

Yesterday morning, developer Junfa held a press conference across the street at Gingko Department Store showcasing the green design features of Eye of Spring. Expect more Chinese publications discussing the project in days to come.

And someday there will be one with 78 storeys!

Funny you should mention though.

Wujiaba Greenland Headquarters at the old Wujiaba Airport is slated to become the tallest skyscraper (428m), at the core of what is touted as the "future smart city" area of Wujiaba.

Patrick Scally previously reported on redevelopment bids for Wujiaba's ten square kilometers of urban renewal project. One of them being the same American architectural, urban planning, and engineering firm in charge of Eye of Spring, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM).

Along with other firms, SOM submitted an urban planning sustainable development bid to city officials for Kunming Wujiaba New City Center to "use its extensive network of waterways and greenspace to reduce runoff and clean water naturally, improving the water quality of Kunming's scenic Dianchi Lake while simultaneously creating a vibrant urban habitat."

So who won the bid? Would be appreciated if Patrick followed up on this massive development project at Wujiaba.

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