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Wan Xiaoli to play last-minute show

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In the wake of the gradual opening up of China's media to private investment and ownership one of the more interesting and overlooked stories has been that of Beijing-based record label Modern Sky Records. With most of the pop market flocking to Chinese subsidiaries of major record labels including Sony, EMI and others, Modern Sky has built up a reputation as China's most influential independent label - a reputation further solidified earlier this month when the label put on its own music festival headlined by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Beijing's Haidian Park.

In late 90s Beijing Modern Sky evolved out of a printing and design company owned by Shen Lihui. The December 1997 release of the album Haojile?! (好极了?!) by Shen's band Sober marked the official launch of the label, which has in the following ten years cultivated a stable of what is arguably the best lineup of Chinese contemporary rock to be found on any label. Modern Sky and its underground spinoff label Badhead are home to prominent Chinese bands including New Pants (新裤子), PK14 and Ruins (废墟). Rock aside, Modern Sky has also signed electronic acts such as Supermarket (超级市场) and folk musicians - including Wan Xiaoli (万晓利), who will perform tonight at Halfway House.

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Wan is considered one of China's top folk rock acts and is known by mainland audiences for his lyrical wit. He will play a special short-notice show at Halfway House beginning tonight at 9pm. Admission to the show is 20 yuan.

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