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Video: Highlining a 300-meter deep chasm in Guizhou

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Residents of Yunnan are rightfully proud of the Stone Forest and other Karst rock formations throughout the province. Yet equally stunning are the vistas of next door Guizhou. The terrain there is mountainous and draped in soggy greenery brought on by a decidedly humid, foggy and often rain-soaked climate.

Hidden amongst the slopes and vegetation sit spectacular cliffs and cave systems carved and shaped by geological forces and ancient rivers. Outside the tiny town of Getu (格凸河村), the escarpments and caverns have become a favorite spot for the Kunming rock climbing community. But in June, a group of them set out to try something different — stringing a 40-meter long highline across the rim of an enormously deep sinkhole. Enjoy the view!

The highline project was originally the idea of Peter Mortimer, a rock climbing enthusiast who lives in Kunming and, when not bolting new routes around Yunnan, works at the World Agroforestry Centre. For the trip, he was sponsored by Kailas and natural foods company Dali Bar. The photographs and video in this article were shot and produced by Kris Ariel and Colin Flahive, cofounders of Dali Bar, and Stefan Wellauer. Thanks to all of them for doing what the rest of us wouldn't dream of trying, and for sharing it.

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Wow! Just wow!

Yeah, WOW!!!

Amazing photos. Already done two cycling trips through Guizhou, but makes me want to do another.

Those magnificent men and their flying machine. Well done guys.

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