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Preview: Best of Kunming Awards Ceremony 2015-2016

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The dust has settled following a vigorous voting process for the Best of Kunming 2015-2016. On the website, ballots cast more than doubled those from last year, and participation on WeChat was unbelievable. Now it's time to get down to the business of recognizing the winners, handing out some hardware and throwing an awesome party.

Image: William Gray
Image: William Gray

Awards show 2015-2016

We are happy to announce that on Saturday January 9, at 8pm, GoKunming will hold its third annual Best of Kunming Awards Ceremony. As with last year's party, we are planning an informal gathering — one with an emphasis on fun, thanking GoKunming's great user base and of course recognizing our winners. The event will once again be hosted at the ACMEC conference center at the top of Jinding Mountain.

Image: Giorgio Giacomelli
Image: Giorgio Giacomelli

Brand new WeChat awards

For 2015-2016, we are introducing separate WeChat awards for each category. In the past, the Best of Kunming Awards were decided by users on the website itself. Last year, we also introduced voting on WeChat. Honoring the website voting tradition, while also giving a nod to GoKunming's growing number of followers on WeChat, this time we created two unique and separate awards to reflect both website and WeChat voter tallies.

Image: William Gray
Image: William Gray

Award winners

The evening will begin with the recognition of each of our 16 winners, as selected by GoKunming readers and those who follow our WeChat official account. In addition, we will present awards to the best travel destinations in Kunming and Yunnan The awards ceremony will be the first public announcement of the winners, with an article on the website published the following day. Each winning business will be presented on stage with a commemorative award, and in addition receive a bottle of chilled Prosecco, presents from Yang Liping (杨丽萍) and Blessing Gifts, vouchers from La Bharive Health Spa, and energy bars provided by Dali Bar.


We will have a full cash bar sponsored by Shangri-la Beer and staffed by GoKunming employees. Live music will be featured throughout the evening, with a performance by one of Kunming's premier solo vocalists, Hu Weijia (胡维佳), more popularly known as Vega. Also playing two sets of Afro-Asian gypsy-jazz fusion will be Sandauni (彡道逆). Wrapping up the evening, DJ Xiao Kris will spin only the finest in lounge, hip-hop and funk beats.

This year, the awards show will conclude with a lucky draw. This is our way of thanking all of the people who voted for the Best of Kunming Awards and also everyone who helps make the Kunming community such a unique and special one.

Lucky draw prizes

Each ticket-holder at the event is automatically entered into the lucky draw, the prizes of which have a combined value of nearly 50,000 yuan. Only one entry is allowed per person (more ticketing information is included below). Throughout the evening, we will take a pause from the awards and live music to randomly select lucky draw winners. This will culminate at the end of the ceremony with the announcement of who wins the biggest prizes.

Mucun Lakeside Resort and Hotel

One lucky draw winner will be awarded a two-night stay in the presidential suite at the Mucun Lakeside Resort and Hotel in Dali. This sumptuously designed and decorated mini-resort sits nestled between gorgeous mountains and the wild wetlands of Erhai Lake. It features 18 lakeview suites and a huge balcony commanding 360-degree views of the valley. This prize provided by Mucun is valued at 9,360 yuan.

Yang Liping's Dynamic Yunnan

We will give away free passes to Dynamic Yunnan, the song and dance homage to all things south of the clouds as envisioned by famed artist Yang Liping. Internationally renowned, the show blends traditional ethnic folk dance and musical traditions with modern choreography and has been performed 4,500 times in more than 50 cities around the globe. Four winners will each receive four VIP tickets to the show as well as a commemorative book. Each group of tickets and the book has a box office value of 2,020 yuan.

Banyan Tree Ringha

One lucky winner will receive a two-night stay for two at the Banyan Tree Ringha in Shangri-la. This prize features two nights in a spacious and beautifully appointed Tibetan farmhouse villa. The luxury accommodations are set amidst soaring mountains and nearby monasteries and pristine scenic areas. Breakfast is also included for this prize package valued at 6,000 yuan.

E-GO Fitness Center

E-GO Fitness Center is one of Kunming's newest and most up-to-date gyms, featuring free weights and the most modern workout machines available. E-GO is giving away three individual membership cards, which allow the winners full access to the fitness center for one year. Each card is worth 2,000 yuan.

Yutao Yoga Studio

We will also give away a year membership to Yutao Yoga Studio, conveniently located in the heart of Kunming. Modern and gorgeously designed, the studio provides expert instruction in restorative, prenatal, power, therapeutic, Yin and Vinyasa yoga. The membership is worth 5,000 yuan.

La Bharive Health Spa

Three separate vouchers for luxurious spa treatments will also be given away. La Bharive Health Spa specializes in advanced skin care and anti-aging therapies, message, aroma therapy and beauty treatments for both men and women. Each voucher is worth 500 yuan and can be redeemed at any of La Bharive's seven locations across Kunming.

Blessing Gifts

In addition to providing presents for all of our award winners, Blessing Gifts has generously supplied flower tea cakes. Two lucky draw participants will each receive one cake, made with the quintessential characteristics of Yunnan while also designed for modern tastes. The combined value of the company's contribution is 2,862 yuan.

The One Resort

Another fantastic prize comes from the gorgeous mountain settings surrounding Dali Old Town. A lucky draw winner will receive a one-night stay for two at The One Resort in two-bedroom luxury suite. This prize also includes breakfast vouchers and is worth 2,000 yuan.

Old Theatre Inn

Continuing with the travel prizes, one lucky draw contestant will win a two-night stay for two at the Old Theatre Inn located near Shaxi. This absolutely unique guesthouse was once a traditional Bai minority theater, and has now been lovingly restored. It sits at the heart of the Shaxi valley and is only a short distance from the old town and one of Yunnan's most historically important areas, Shibao Mountain. The stay is worth 1,200 yuan.

Advance tickets and directions

Advance tickets to the Best of Kunming Awards are 40 yuan each, while passes purchased at the event will cost 50 yuan. Proceeds from ticket sales go to the performers. The price of each ticket includes entry to the event and one lucky draw number. Raffle winners are limited to one prize only. A limited number of advance tickets will go on sale Thursday December 31, at the following businesses: Cantina, The Park Bar and Grill, Salvador's Coffee House and Slice of Heaven. If you are using WeChat Wallet, you can also purchase tickets here.

This year, the Best of Kunming Awards Ceremony has been organized in partnership with S-MAX Digital Technology Co, Ltd and will be held at the ACMEC conference center. The location is a bit tricky to find, so please check the map included below. We will upload a video with directions and embed it in this article in the next few days, as well as add a map of alternate routes. Rest assured, the day of the awards there will be signs and volunteers clearly directing attendees where to go.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, ACMEC, Banyan Tree Ringha, Blessing Gifts, Dali Bar, Green Supermarket, La Bharive Spa, Mucun Lakeside Resort and Hotel, Old Theatre Inn, The One Resort, Shangri-la Beer, S-MAX Digital Technology Co, Yang Liping, Yigao Fitness Center and Yutao Yoga Studio. Without them, this event would not be possible. We will first announce winners at the awards event and then on GoKunming the following day. Congratulations in advance to all of the winners for 2015-2016! Directions and a fun little how-to-get there video are below. Click on the link below to enlarge the map. We hope to see you January 9!

Click here to enlarge image. There are five ways to reach the ACMEC Conference Center, all of them off of Xuefu Lu (学府路). The simplest way if taking a taxi is Route 1, which is also accessible by foot, car, bike or motorcycle. It is also the path depicted in the video below, and on this map begins at the intersection of Xuefu Lu and Jindingshan Bei Lu (金鼎山北路). Route 2 is for cars only, while Route 3 is up a pedestrian path that leads directly to the awards venue. Route 4 closely follows Route 2, but the entrance gate is slightly further east on Xuefu Lu. Route 5 approaches from the backside of Jinding Shan. For Routes 1 and 5, look for the guard shack at the top of the hill.

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None of this vanity stuff there either.

We've added a much improved map of how to reach the awards venue as well as a how-to-get-there video for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to Kris Ariel and Dali Bar for putting the vid together.

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