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Report: Yunnan outdrinking most of China

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This just in from China Wines Information Website: Yunnan consumed more than 400 thousand tons of alchohol last year, ranking third out of China's provinces despite having a comparatively low population of 45 million people.

What makes Yunnan one of China's heaviest-drinking provinces? We guessed it might be all the tourists that visit the province every year, but China Wines Information Website has a different theory:

"Yunnan has 25 minorities with their own wine cultures. Drinking wine is the traditional diet in Yunnan. This custom improves the development of Yunnan wine market."

Although some minorities in Yunnan are heavier drinkers than Han Chinese, we suspect that the millions of Han and foreign tourists visiting towns like Lijiang, Dali and Jinghong on holiday every year are inflating the numbers substantially.

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