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GoKunming gets mobile site tune-up

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Since mid-2009, GoKunming has also had a mobile version. It was designed and configured to be suitable for mobile use, with a lighter data load, and a layout more suitable for smaller devices. What always bugged us, however, was that its coverage of the site's content and functionality was limited. A few days ago, we set about fixing this.

For a few hours now, the latest GoKunming mobile version has been live. Browsing to any GoKunming URL on a mobile device will result in the alternative version of the site appearing. There's an option to return to the regular site, should you prefer it.

We've tested the new code on a selection of mobile browsers, but there's always the possibility that we've missed something. Should you have feedback on the new mobile site, please ping us a note via our contact form, or leave a comment on this post.

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You GoKunming guys rock. This page is always up to date and my first click in the morning. Thanks and keep up the good work!


well done

Looks good.

i don't see the calendar on the mobile version of the homepage, just a link... i would put it first.

and what about the search box...

Thanks for the input, Philippe.

The old search box (which was a listings-only search) can now be found on the listings page for a given city (default is Kunming). A site-wide search has been suggested for the mobile version before, and sounds like a good idea. I'll get it built.

As for events, yes, homepage/top seems sensible, like on the old mobile site. I'm concerned about the growing length of the mobile homepage - perhaps I'll drop the 'Archive' section when I reinstate 'Events'.

Further input/criticism/suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks Matthew, it's great now!

very comfortable use of GoKunming mobile! One tip: if you give recommendations about events or restaurants, please combine a link with indication to an address/phone or iPhone maps. Some people are new in Kunming and can't identify the venue with the name only!

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