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with the "RESTORE" Command from iTunes startet On your computer your total recovery can completed. After the "Delete" Command via mobilMe all Data On your Lost iPhone has been deleted.
Good Luck...


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very comfortable use of GoKunming mobile! One tip: if you give recommendations about events or restaurants, please combine a link with indication to an address/phone or iPhone maps. Some people are new in Kunming and can't identify the venue with the name only!



Since 4 weeks ago Jimmy Lin (the owner) ad Steven Fu (Exec.Chef) starts 'My Favor' Western & Chinese Bufffet on weekend (Friday, saturday and sunday).
My wife and I visists these buffets from the first time weekly and enjpoyed the wide variety of food, several juices (fresh nothing from can!), coffee, bread selection and - most loved by European people-, the very tasty soup selection (specially the Russian Bortsch) and salads with several souces selection.
Meat carpaccio (I love this), Sushi & Sahsimi, Morzarella (Tomato with buffalo cheese and Basilikum), Ananas-Pizza little more thicker then the Pizza-Salami -very thin and crispy-, several kind of ( bread (I bought these on weekly base 1-2 already).
Several offerings of meat from pork, lamb and beef (sirloin steak well prepared) – served warmly ! – are very delicious totally!
Several pasta offerings for the friends of these Italian specialities are on offer!

Service is very quick and friendly and all buffet dishes are refreshed all the times, so you are never in front of empty plates. Buffet start at 06:00 pm and ends, when none guest are comig more!
Steven is crossing the restaurant permanently, askings the guests demands and satisfaction and checking any things.

Finally as dessert you are getting a ball of Dreyer's, America icecream on your bill (RMB 88/pax!!) voucher besides Steven' excellent pastries finally!
I guess Jimmy & Steve are not able to keep this very low price level for this great buffet for a long time!
So use these opportunity in time so often you are able and enjoy!

Finally music entertainment (clavier) is provided - additional to the elegant environment.
Great - so we are sorry about missing Jimmy & Steven - and their buffet of course! - during our absence for the next months - but happy to enjoy again, as soon we are return at Kunming & 'My Favor'!