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Chuang Ku to feature ethnic music performances

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120Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studiohttp://www.chinaculture.org/gb/en_focus/2005-08/09/content_71692.htmtwo nights of music#http://www.gokunming.com/en/blog/item/160/# based upon the indigenous music traditions of Yunnan's ethnic minorities. The 120+ seats were filled and the audience appeared to enjoy the evening's mix of Yunnan indigenous music blended with some modern elements.

The studio was formerly the gallery Red Banana in the Chuang Ku (aka The Loft) art compound at 101 Xiba Lu. The studio is a small minimalist space well-suited to intimate concerts and performances.

Opening act Huanqing performed with traditional Yunnan ethnic instruments, samples of recorded sounds, recorded minority dialects and chanting as well as ambient drumbeats. Zhang Quan joined Huanqing for one song with dongbula and harmonica.

Afterward, Zhang performed folk songs from his former band Wild Children as well as some of his new songs.

The final musician Luo Fengxue came onto the stage in Bai costume, singing and playing various minority instruments such as the leaf harp, gourd pipe and bamboo flute.

Concert director Liu Xiaojin said that the studio will put on more indigenous and folk concerts in the future. As the venue is a small theatre and Liu herself is a filmmaker, the studio also plans to put on experimental and avant-garde plays from Beijing and elsewhere in China.

Tickets to tonight's 8:30 show featuring Huanqing, Zhang Quan and Luo Fengxue are 30 yuan.

Tickets: Ms Liu (0871) 240 0237 or 13354608051
Address: Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance studio (源生坊剧场) in Chuang Ku/The Loft (next to Nordica), 101 Xi Ba Road
Buses: 4, 22, 62 to Bai Yao Chang

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cool show, nice little venue too. could have used some kind of light show or video effects. lasers yo!

lots of people showed up both nights, which indicates demand for good live music, this town needs more!

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