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China blogs: New year greetings, Buzz's buzz, Han Han on Confucius

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You probably received a blizzard of text messages wishing you all manner of fortune for the Year of the Tiger. Learn how to join in the fun with translated greetings over at Laowai Chinese.

Buzz, Google's new email-integrated, Twitter-like product, is throwing people into a tizzy regarding privacy concerns, and after the Google vs. PRC standoff against censorship, Buzz's implications for Chinese activists is under particular scrutiny. And while everyone else is asking if Buzz will survive the Great Firewall, Uln at Chinayouren has already predicted the software's downfall in China.

First he gave it a funny but scathing review, and now he says it's good for Chinese cinema. Star Chinese blogger, author and racecar driver Han Han shares his thoughts on the movie Confucius, translated at ChinaSMACK.

Sometimes it's hard to understand the appeal of World of Warcraft in China, but this post at Youku Buzz might help make the phenomenon more clear. The satire of a popular video is shot entirely through WoW and touches on Internet memes and 'net censorship and makes numerous gaming references. The speech (translated into English) describes how WoW provides an outlet for disaffected Chinese.

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I understand the point. But as I was walking around last night I passed a net bar and saw the usual crowd playing computer games on Chun Jie. Shouldn't you honor your parents and family on this one holiday and stay home, rather than run away to the net bar. Stay away from World of Warcraft at least once in a while!!!

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