Wonders Of Yunnan Travel

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I see that the mob in China is doing nothing to disprove the CNN commentator's statement about the Chinese. Behaving like mindless goons and thugs is exactly the reason the

West has such a negative view of China, the Chinese "government" and the Chinese people. It's interesting that the "students" who have been protesting in the US take the freedom of speech for granted, but wouldn't ever be able to express themselves in their own "perfect" country.

Mmm, would I be wrong in suggesting that if Tibet and Mongolia, etc., was an internal matter for China, then, what the French do in France must also be an internal matter?

I have the same problem as you eric, i am thinking about traveling to hong kong and maybe the philiphines at the end of every 30 days and try to renew from there, flights to hk and the phils are can be found for about 500rmb

I am from Vancouver Canada, my summer travel plans may have been ruined by the new visa policy. Unfortuately, I bought non refundable air tickets, Beijing hotel and Olympic tickets just a few weeks (March, 2008) ago based on a 90 day stay in China. I was to arrive in China in June and leave mid August. I am not sure if I can extend my visa once I am in China. I am not sure if I can rebook or what. But I am not keen to spend more money on a one way ticket out of China at the end of June when my 30 days is up. So I have a lot of questions.

Such contracts are totally unbelievable and doomed to failure.

There are insufficient pilots being schooled in the world as a whole and the Chinese situation is the worst. Current Chinese orders for new aircraft will quickly absorb the graduation of new pilots and the expected orders for the next few years makes the future pilot shortage quite critical -- actually, it's critcal now.

My advice to Chinese airlines is: Move into the 21st Century!

I think overall the game was played in the right spirit, although there were some late tackles which FIFA I must say is trying to stamp out under its "Fair Play" initiative. What can you say about the Australian goalkeeper, he proved once again to be world class. I look forward as a neutral to following the course of the two teams in the rest of this group, and of course the return match in Sydney in June, though I understand there will not be dogs allowed in the stadium due to health reasons. See many of you at the FIFA congress in May!

awww... wen jiabao is so cute.

just got back from bangladesh where everyone is talking about china, esp trade links between china and myanmar and the potential for huge oil drilling expansion in the bay of bengal. this little project is making waves across the subregion. even the rickshaw drivers know about the road, and it doesn't even GO to b'desh.


you were clearly not at the same game we were. !!

There were very trying conditions -(ie playing away from home, the altitude, foreign refs - favouring the home side (vis - the lack of a red card against the bloke that chopped our archie) - 18 hours on a plane/transit for many players from the UK/Europe) plus being surrounded by the chinese red army and their attack dogs.

It was a sterling effort from the guys. Most people that we discussed the game with -( there were plenty) -reckoned that it was a great example of the beautiful game, ie you can have a great 0-0 draw -it was in the balance to the end.

I reckon every one (except you) was pretty pleased with a point away from home - we are in a tournament played over many games, not just one.

Suffice to say dont expect to see the same tactics in the return game.

If its high scores you want; I suggest you hook up with the basketball ball crew - they have heaps in their games

Any luck selling your over priced tickets?