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GoKunming Weekend Preview

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Friday: Exhibition opening at Cat's Cradle
Artist A Ling will open an exhibition of her unique style of cloth mosaic artwork today at Cat's Cradle Café. The exhibition, which will run until April 30, is titled "No Idea, Whoops!". The opening party runs from 3pm and entry is free.

Friday: Violin concert at TCG Nordica
Violinist Li Qi (李琦), who will soon leave Kunming to continue his studies in the United States, will play a solo farewell concert tonight at TCG Nordica. The concert begins at 8pm and entry is 40 yuan.

Friday: DJ Agbadza at The Hump Bar
Musical offerings at The Hump Bar tonight are said to include afrofunk and afrobeat, Latin, ethiojazz, Pakistani soul, Brazilian fusion, Turkish psychedelics and Zambian fuzz. The party kicks off at 9pm.

Friday: Dance party at Uprock
Norwegian mashup duo Martin and Tormod are back at Uprock tonight along with DJ Shonny for "Italo" disco, techno stabs, electro cuts and indie dance. Entry to the 10pm party is 10 yuan.

Saturday: Schnitzel night at Sandra's
Sandra's will be offering real Viennese veal schnitzel on Saturday evening. Call 15825267010 for reservations or more information.

Saturday: Exhibition opening at TCG Nordica
Swedish artist Janeric Johansson will open a solo exhibition, "Light – Fight – Night", at TCG Nordica on Saturday. The event begins at 8pm and entry is free.

Saturday: Live music at The Hump Bar
Tommy Nitro and the Bastards will play "21st century music" at The Hump Bar on Saturday night. The free show starts at 9pm.

Saturday: Ladies night at Uprock
Ladies will receive one free whiskey and coke before midnight at Uprock on Saturday. The music starts at 10pm and entry is free.

Sunday: Film Screening at Yuansheng Studio
Yunnan Yuansheng Indigenous Music and Dance Studio will have a screening of three short films by director Zhang Tian'ai (张天艾) on Sunday. The free event begins at 2pm.

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