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Forums > Living in Kunming > Overseas Real Estate Websites Blocked

I've noticed all the websites for the real estate agencies in Canada and the USA are blocked. I dont use a VPN.
Is this something new ? Or has it always been this way?
I suspect the Gov is on damage control now that housing is beginning to slump in pricing.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Would this be fun?

Check out shanghai's club, SBYC video...

Their philosophy is parallel to ours as a club.

Introduce sailing in Yunnan for the people that live here and it also provides a venue for sports sailing enthusiast.
This club at Fu Xian lake would exists within a resort or set up on public land by gov tourism.



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Got to visit this peak and fly from it in clear weather...which is predictable BTW.

Instead of building walkways couldn't they make paths with signs to stay on the path? In addition to a presentation by locals to explain why it's important to stay on the path.

The lack of small business growth in Yunnan/China is mainly caused by such Government officials indirect/unofficial control of ALL the resources.

Hooray, get rid of these petty emperors and let the people get educated in law, questioning business practices and policies.



Crumbly cheese yes but the cheese seems to be low in fat/oils.
Tastes great.
It seems the cheese is small/medium artisan maker with batches that vary.

Expiry dates on cheese is not a big issue...it can only get better...

Great local shop.


We've had John bring a few of our clients when we could not.

When the cat is away the mice play.

I've been there (at the old location) with Rocko present and it was exellent, although without the owner present it was very disapointing..


Went the other night, it was very late therefore I cant coment on the food but it did smell very good..
Cozy atmosphere and very friendly host.
Will return again now that it's found!