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Fu Xian is a lot closer to kunming and the cleanest once offshore by a few meters. It's a deep lake, a big lake; 13km x 35 km with a few beaches and sheer cliffs down into water.
fishermen's buoys are well set up without floating surface lines.

West shore is in the lee of sharp mountains and huge thermal activity, still sail-able but gusty and can shut down while in the shade of the sunset.

North and East shores are the best for playing, 15 km away from the lee turbulence; you do get surges in wind speed caused by local thermal activity close to shore. Sunset,long beaches and coves. no fires though...only bummer.
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Crumbly cheese yes but the cheese seems to be low in fat/oils.
Tastes great.
It seems the cheese is small/medium artisan maker with batches that vary.

Expiry dates on cheese is not a big can only get better...

Great local shop.


We've had John bring a few of our clients when we could not.

When the cat is away the mice play.

I've been there (at the old location) with Rocko present and it was exellent, although without the owner present it was very disapointing..


Went the other night, it was very late therefore I cant coment on the food but it did smell very good..
Cozy atmosphere and very friendly host.
Will return again now that it's found!