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Forums > Living in Kunming > Average Monthly Salary in Kunming?

The Hao...
Seriously, 80+ RMB an Hour....not worth it, while the students parents are making millions+..

If China wants to be a sustainable key player in the world's economy they must understand the fact that pretending to pay only gets employees that pretend to work..

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese drivers licence accepted in canada..

Chinese drivers licence accepted in Canada..unreal..i didn't know this, what crap, they wont accept our licence so we got to take "their" licence test ?? What crap..




Filthy factory?? Nothing new; most of the noodle shops aren't any better.
Preservatives: More is better ..right?

They should raid some of the major beer factories. Ohh!! Cant do that, too much Guanxi and money involved with those companies.
I stopped drinking Chinese beer because I get a bad reaction to the sulfites but imports are ok, same as the home brew from the bad monkey, A1..

Wen Tao:

Are you referring to the eucalyptus with brown / dead leaves?

The cold ice snap we had this winter is what killed off these trees, they usually do quite well in the driest parts of yunnan.

I agree on the fire hazard from eucalyptus, must i say dead or alive.. although i cant see them planting another species because the main reason they plant them is for paper production. In southern Yunnan they clearcut the old growth forest to plant eucalyptus.

The Yangtze river used to flow southwards (from Lijiang) into the valley of the Red river prior of the uplifting of the Yunnan plateau. A theory which is researched / studied.



Crumbly cheese yes but the cheese seems to be low in fat/oils.
Tastes great.
It seems the cheese is small/medium artisan maker with batches that vary.

Expiry dates on cheese is not a big issue...it can only get better...

Great local shop.


We've had John bring a few of our clients when we could not.

When the cat is away the mice play.

I've been there (at the old location) with Rocko present and it was exellent, although without the owner present it was very disapointing..


Went the other night, it was very late therefore I cant coment on the food but it did smell very good..
Cozy atmosphere and very friendly host.
Will return again now that it's found!