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I've always stated " ride the economic wave, peel off before it crashes on the beach"

It may not be a beach but a vertical cliff.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese whining about canadian rules...

The opening comment from the Dudeson's is by far, accurate, a perfect reflection of chinese political and business behaviour. Any other comment is just ..........

As for canadian politics? both parties and their leaders, past and present are no gems to brag about.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese whining about canadian rules...

I've always said "if China wants to be part of the world business community it has to behave on a world standard" A good start for China would be to behave properly at home to the foreign business community and to the foreign individuals.


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Tourism isn't retail.

In retail you know what the client liked because you sold it, the store experience was secondary.
Tourism "is" the experience, the appeal of the whole. The trinkets purchased is an afterthought.

Shaxi (Sideng old town)is an example for many to study.

Sideng is on a solid + growth curve. It's attraction to tourist is a historic look and traditional/original laid back feel. This appeal won't change in the middle of their growth curve because they have a solid plan; unlike Lijiang which transformed itself out of it's appeal in the middle of their growth curve .
The future of Sideng.
The growth has to stop at one point with the eventual crowds and competition of the surrounding villages which are developing rapidly..

Sideng old town will eventually lose some of their tourists because tourists like to explore; but, it will stay ahead of other villages in the Shaxi valley because Sideng's reputation will remain positive. positive hearsay will create new customers.
The big picture..

It's all growth for the valley, it's all good. It creates a valley of villages which compliment each other, unlike Lijiang old town which has a bad reputation, now worsening the reputation with more fees...

I was amazed at the number of foreigners in Shaxi, so much so, during May holiday, my paraglide clients, which i brought to Shaxi met by coincidence their shanghai neighbours!! which are also foreigners....



Crumbly cheese yes but the cheese seems to be low in fat/oils.
Tastes great.
It seems the cheese is small/medium artisan maker with batches that vary.

Expiry dates on cheese is not a big can only get better...

Great local shop.


We've had John bring a few of our clients when we could not.

When the cat is away the mice play.

I've been there (at the old location) with Rocko present and it was exellent, although without the owner present it was very disapointing..


Went the other night, it was very late therefore I cant coment on the food but it did smell very good..
Cozy atmosphere and very friendly host.
Will return again now that it's found!