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Hammer, you got .

This explains China's international business dealings.
There is no national united urge, to bring the country forward.

Everyone stands for himself, trying to cash in as much as they can. Well, plus the graft problem.

Dog eat dog world may work for survival but it won't build a good society.

In short, the dragon will never fly, because it is sitting on it's own tail.


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"culturally creative industries".
dream on..............

provide a public venue where imaginative people from a variety of backgrounds can work and think together.
dream on..............

Numbers dont seem add up.
Are the assets are being divided amongst the victors?

""court also confiscated all of Shen's real estate holdings as well as other "personal assets" worth a combined two million yuan.""
2 million, Yeah right!

In total, Shen accepted an estimated 16.5 million yuan (US$2.6 million) in bribes and kickbacks.



Crumbly cheese yes but the cheese seems to be low in fat/oils.
Tastes great.
It seems the cheese is small/medium artisan maker with batches that vary.

Expiry dates on cheese is not a big can only get better...

Great local shop.


We've had John bring a few of our clients when we could not.

When the cat is away the mice play.

I've been there (at the old location) with Rocko present and it was exellent, although without the owner present it was very disapointing..


Went the other night, it was very late therefore I cant coment on the food but it did smell very good..
Cozy atmosphere and very friendly host.
Will return again now that it's found!