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Forums > Living in Kunming > Are 楚家刀 knives (on 西昌路) any good?


I'm not buying any professional knives, so I don't require razor sharp blades and stuff. I just need a knife that will be good at what it's supposed to do and doesn't have to be resharpened often. Actually, I, myself, don't really care, but two of them are for my parents, who do.

I'll not be flying back or sending them via post, I'm planning on taking a train back to Europe. :) So it should be OK in this case...I hope.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are 楚家刀 knives (on 西昌路) any good?

Yeah, I mean those that cut well for a long time. :) It's OK to resharpen them once in a few years, but not every month or two.
I need those axe-like knives for cutting vegetables and soft meat (the same shape as heavy meat/bone choppers, but lighter), they are only made smooth, aren't they?
I don't want to spend more than 200 Yuan for one knife, so I guess this doesn't qualify for very expensive knives. But still, 400-600 Yuan is quite a lot of money for me...

The thing is, I'm leaving China very soon, but I cannot buy those big knives in my country. Well, I can, but prices tend to be ridiculously high even for "cheap" ones. So I want to buy them here, while I can. Normally, they are sold in big stores for about 60-100 Yuan. The ones I liked in 楚家刀 were 150 Yuan and 100 Yuan respectively.

I didn't mean asking the vendor if his knives are any good, but which steel are they made from. And even this I doubt he'd tell me honestly, so I don't consider it an option. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are 楚家刀 knives (on 西昌路) any good?

Thank you!
Well, he surely was there in about October last year and probably has a few shops in Chengdu as well.
I need knives that do not have to be sharpened, it's actually a requirement.
But is there any way to tell which steel is the knife made from, when I'm looking at it in the shop? I can surely ask the seller, but there's no guarantee that he'd tell the truth, you know how it goes...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are 楚家刀 knives (on 西昌路) any good?

I visited a small shop called "楚家刀" on the 西昌路 (near Walmart or Xiaoximen, parallel with the 东风西路) and pretty liked the knives they sell, especially more expensive 100+ Yuan ones. They seem to be a small company, as they don't sell any knives in big stores like Walmart or Carrefour. I want to buy 2 vegetable axe-like knives and one big kitchen knife, but I'd like to know if those knives are actually good as they cost 2*150 + 100 = 400 yuan in total, which is not very cheap.

Do you have any experience?
Thank you!

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Thanks for reassurance!
Maybe I'll just buy a mosquito net because my girlfriend attracts mosquitoes a bit too much, but I guess (and hope) that will do the job.


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