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Forums > Living in Kunming > Rental cost for a SMALL place near the Yunnan Shifan Daxue

We would like to have a small apartment just for the two of us because of more privacy... But we can't really afford anything more expensive than about 1400 RMB/month and, well, it would be a hassle to commute to school for 40 min. or so.
The school starts on 1st September and I plan to arrive to China approximately a week in advance, so let's say from 23rd August. Do you think it would still be a good "hunting season"? To get a relatively cheap place somewhere in the school vicinity (up to 20 minutes).

Forums > Food & Drink > Non-meat food in Kunming? (Fish is OK :) )

We are considering going to Kunming for 1 year, but my girlfriend cannot eat any "normal" meat because the taste of meat makes her literally sick (unfortunately including even broth made from bones etc. :( ). But she's OK with fish, other "sea creatures" and pretty much anything else besides meat-made products.

Is it a problem in Kunming, or she can easily get even vegetarian food and fish in Kunming (for the +- same prices as meat), so she wouldn't suffer there? Prices for schools and housing on the east coast of China are quite too expensive for us and Kunming looks very interesting, but this might be a problem... :(

Thank you!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rental cost for a SMALL place near the Yunnan Shifan Daxue

I have heard that the prices for apartments in Kunming are very low (even my university upperclassman said she could find a small 1000-RMB place in the school vicinity in 2009/2010) and was considering going there for 1-year studies of the Chinese language.
However, as I have read in some topics, it seems that many people say that the prices nearly doubled (!) in 2011 and it is not cheap at all these days. Is it true?

I'm going with my girlfriend to (probably) Yunnan Normal University and since they don't allow us to live together in the dormitory, we want to find an apartment. We are OK with even a very small place (just to sleep, study and occasionally cooking I guess - instead of the school dormitory, nothing more) with some basic furniture (bed would be nice :) Then a refrigerator at least, and preferably Internet connection) but would like to live somewhere near the university. Is it now real to find such a place for about 1200~1400 RMB or less?

I'm very worried about this because we don't have much money and I've started to prefer Kunming to Qingdao mainly because of the cheap rental costs of off-campus living in previous years.

Thank you very much!


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