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Forums > Living in Kunming > I Need a Good Moving Company

Nice necropost. I actually am still "stuck" in Shandong most of the time. I did end up moving my things to Yunnan with a local company, however. I think I ended up paying around 5000RMB. Nothing was broken, but probably because I packed most of the things myself. Wooden crates were made for a few items though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

I'm mostly referring to Wuhua, or Kunming Proper. I can't tell you about Chenggong, but the average price in Wuhua in early 2015 was 8000, and now it's 14000.

Here. Use this.

I can only speculate, but think the subway construction might have something to do with it. That's why I bought in the first place. Line 4 and 5 will open next year, so I don't think prices or rent will go lower.

Forums > Living in Kunming > KitKat at Miniso

At least consider a Ritter Sport, which is about the same price and is 100g with higher chocolate content and more cookie (if you get the cookie centre version). The cookie is better quality in that one too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

The price of property in Kunming has basically doubled in the last 5 years. The price of rent is definitely on the rise. I have a small 60m^2 two bedroom apartment between the first and second ringroads in a bombed out old building. The average rent for this unit without furnishings is 1500/month.

Yesterday (in Shandong) my office landlord raised my rent by 35%. This is nothing compared to my friend in the same community. Their landlord doubled their rent.

I watched rent double in the South of Lijiang in only 18 months.

In my opinion, in the near future it will be difficult to get a 2 bedroom apartment for under 2000 a month in 3rd tier+ cities (unless it's a really undesirable place). Kunming actually has super low rent for a capital city.


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Some places have adequate trash collection service but locals still choose to burn the trash to cook with and heat their homes. It's pretty common with the elderly. They also like to burn coal inside their homes when radiant or electric heating is available to save money.

I am living in Shandong Province, which is just about ground zero for air pollution. The main crop here is wheat, and they burn it.

When I stayed in Dali for the entire month of February, the air quality index was over 100 almost every day. There is very little industry in Dali, but you can clearly see where the air pollution is coming burning stuff. I have a clear view of the valley, and I toured it several times on a bicycle.

Not all the pollution in China comes from factories. A lot of it comes down to bad personal choices like driving a car to save face when a bus or bicycle would do instead. How about all the uncontrolled exploding of firecrackers? When the government tried to regulate it people got angry that their right to foul the air was being infringed upon.

How about the 700 million farmers that are constantly burning garbage and organic material (rather than rotating crops)? Agricultural pollution in China is huge problem, but it's not something that can be dealt with easily because many of these farmers simply can't afford to adopt modern farming methods. It will likely take decades to move these people into urban middle class environments and switch to large scale farming.

Anyone know when Metro Line 3 will come online? I read in another article that the local government was being pretty quiet about it. I thought I recalled a completion date of spring 2015, but maybe it's been pushed back to 2016 now?


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