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Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

I'm mostly referring to Wuhua, or Kunming Proper. I can't tell you about Chenggong, but the average price in Wuhua in early 2015 was 8000, and now it's 14000.

Here. Use this.

I can only speculate, but think the subway construction might have something to do with it. That's why I bought in the first place. Line 4 and 5 will open next year, so I don't think prices or rent will go lower.

Forums > Living in Kunming > KitKat at Miniso

At least consider a Ritter Sport, which is about the same price and is 100g with higher chocolate content and more cookie (if you get the cookie centre version). The cookie is better quality in that one too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

The price of property in Kunming has basically doubled in the last 5 years. The price of rent is definitely on the rise. I have a small 60m^2 two bedroom apartment between the first and second ringroads in a bombed out old building. The average rent for this unit without furnishings is 1500/month.

Yesterday (in Shandong) my office landlord raised my rent by 35%. This is nothing compared to my friend in the same community. Their landlord doubled their rent.

I watched rent double in the South of Lijiang in only 18 months.

In my opinion, in the near future it will be difficult to get a 2 bedroom apartment for under 2000 a month in 3rd tier+ cities (unless it's a really undesirable place). Kunming actually has super low rent for a capital city.


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The new GoKunming is a disorganised mess. Maybe it's because I'm not viewing it on a 52" monitor at 3192x2048, or maybe it's because I'm not using a touch device. I'm sure there must be improvements in here somewhere, but I'm not benefiting from them at all. This new site is different for sure, but certainly not better.

Ha. The subway extensions in Toronto are not a mere 4 years late, more like 30 years late! They've been talking about building a subway line along eglinton ave since the 80s. Toronto is pretty pathetic in this regard. They call themselves world class yet don't even have a subway connection to the airport. This is part of the reason I came to China: commitment to public transport and bicycle friendly.

I'm impressed that the construction of the subway in Kunming continues without major delay. It's just a damn shame that the Kunming-Dali HSR is on ice, I was really looking forward to that one. It was originally supposed to be completed last year.


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