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KitKat at Miniso

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

My wife had gone to Japan and brought back a bunch of KitKat in strawberry flavor. Man was it delicious. Got to check it out. Thanks.

tigertigerathome (124 posts) • 0

Strawberry sounds interesting. Kit-kat regular available in Metro and Watsons I have also seen Kit-kat plain chocolate.

Metro only had multi packs.

DanDare (119 posts) • 0

Too pricey for me too. I just looked online. 4 finger kitkat are 100g in UK. Japanese do 10 different flavours. Guess we should look at for the selection packs.

satii (80 posts) • 0

E-commerce is usurping all. Upcoming 12/12 sale on Tmall should have confectionery deals for those who can navigate.

Otherwise, 15rmb for 72g of KitKat isn't that terrible if you happen to pass by and crave for chocolate at the moment.

Anonymous Coward (328 posts) • 0

At least consider a Ritter Sport, which is about the same price and is 100g with higher chocolate content and more cookie (if you get the cookie centre version). The cookie is better quality in that one too.

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