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There're so many foreigners in Kunming. I don't understand why it is so hard to find a native speaker to improve our English. Your problem is also my problem. I'm from YNU. Best wishes to you ~

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You can choose the text location and test time on internet first and then come to Yunnan University foreign language college. Here is the place you can join the test~

Forums > Study > Yunnan University v Yunnan Normal

I'm a student in YNU . In my view, YNU is the most famous university in Kunming. Maybe YNU have a great comprehensive strenth in Yunnan but I'm not sure it will be well at Mandarin teaching . I think YNU and YNNU is different kinds of campus, which one is the better totally depends on your own feeling . These two campus are very close, so the key is not the colleges but your coming to China to study Chinese .

If you still have some questions, be free to contact me by the following info. so that we can have a deep discussion.
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