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Forums > Travel Yunnan > hotels in kunming

so my parents are going to visit me end june and since its best for our family peace that they are not staying with me Im looking for a nice hotel around the university/green lake area, walking distance to wenlinjie.
Since their standarts are, well higher, than mine (Hump or Cloudland will not work for them, even though I appreciated those places) Im left more or less clueless.
Can anyone recommend something nice in the 500-1000 Kuai pricerange (for two people)? In a quiet environment (I know how much this is to ask in a country like China).
The first Hotel that came to my mind was Green Lake Hotel, it seems to be a little expensive though. Does anyone know, whether bargaining is possible???

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rental cost for a SMALL place near the Yunnan Shifan Daxue

shida is in the 五华 district, on 建设路 and 一二一路, streets pretty nearby are for exmaple 虹山南 or虹山东路,文林街,xuefulu (sorry, not sure about the characters) is also not too far away...just to give you a small idea of where to look. the most popular way to find an apartment in kunming is still through agencies. there are hundreds of them everywhere, but they will charge you a 1 month rent (or less, if you bargain) for their help (when i looked for an apartment i checked several websites as well, but most of them were actually attatched to agencies as well). i screened some agency windows on my way to shida today, seems like there are some 1200kuai flats available, about 50sqm i think, dont know whether they are furnished or not. but considering the budget you are on you need to be aware, that a 1200-1400kuai apartment will probably be pretty old, might not come with a western toilet and you will spend at least one weekend of cleaning before moving in. on the other hand-not relly a big differnce to the shida dorms.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming June

ah, for the price...a dorm room should be 25 in dali, 35 in kunming per night. additional money for food and drinks, depending on what you wanna eat and how much youre planning on spending on drinks (beer in a bar about 15 kuai, noodlesoup about 6 kuai, western food about 30kuai a meal). busticket to dali about 100-110, guess from dali to lijiang, lijiang to shangri-la about the same (?). actual sights like the stone forest, three pagodas..have pretty high entrance fees in china, heard the stone forest is more than 120 kuai nowadays.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming June

if you wanna meet people i both for kunming and dali recommend the hump (there is a hump hostel in both cities). even though i think the dali one is even nicer, both places are really relaxed, you will meet a lot of interesting people and especially if your chinese is not that great the staff will be very helpful (buy tickets, recommend stuff to do...). with kunming i agree, you can easily spend 10 days at the hump, hanging out at the bar and relax, but as it comes to sights kunming really doesnt have that much to offer. you can take a trip to the green lake, dianchi or shilin (stone forest), but it will probably not have the wow effect youre looking for. for dali i recommend just renting a bike, going to the lake, take a walk on the town wall or hike into the mountains. as for sights the three pagodas have been recommended, i myself have never been, just seen them from far, since the ticket is supposed to be really expensive. coming to night activities you will probably find yourself going to the bad monkey in dali.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Dali: bus or train?

hey, busses from kunming generally go to *the new* dali, xiaguan. depending on when you are arriving take the number 8 Bus to the old town, which runs from a bus stop nearby the big one where you arrive (just leave that one and go right down the street, if i remember correctly). think the 8 is going till 8pm or so. i would try to avoid caps, since they really really overcharge you (think we paid 50 kuai, even though we tried to bargain with a couple of drivers-since it was later than 8 we didnt have a choice, but using the meter it shouldnt be more than 25 kuai).
think we paid about 100yuan for our tickets (bought at a local agency) and took us 4-5 hours. busses are more than ok for a 5 hours ride.

another advice-if you are planning on coming back to kunming-never ever take the night bus leaving from dali at 8.30 or so (you can by the tickets at the hump). 8.30 means you will start at 8.30 in dali, but go to xiaguan first, where you will wait another 2,5 hours somewhere in empty streets and the bus station. then going to kunming arriving somewhere in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere, not at xizhan.


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pumpkin soup, ice cream and really good and friendly service make me come back to salvadores.
not all the food on the menu is worth 5 stars, but since the selection is HUGE there is still enough left which is.
they sell the best plain joghurt ive found in kunming.


I love the general idea of game cafe, their selection of boardgames is pretty big and sitting outside on the terrace with a couple of friends and playing is really fun. an hour of playing is 6kuai per person, there is a student discount available which makes it 3kuai. and thats where i knock off my first star. the student disount is not available during holidays,festivals,fridays and saturdays.thats at least what the english part of the menu says. yesterday was a sunday. we didnt get the discount (a week ago we did). obviously the chinese part of the menu also includes sunday as a no-discount day. its not about 3 kuai, but it kind of pissed me off to argue with the fuwuyuan about which price list (chinese or english) to stick to. seriously, if you make a mistake on your menu you have two options: change the english part on the menu or give the discount. but dont make the customer think he gets a discount if he actually doesnt.

food is ok, but pretty slow service (which doesnt really bother you, when you are playing, but might if you are not). thats where the second star went.


in my opinion best bread and sandwiches in town. waitresses seem to be a little confused from time to time, but usually friendly.
Sadly sometimes stories like this happen: ordered a salad with egg. got one with tuna. gave it back. got the same salad again only with egg. still some tuna pieces to find in it. Wouldnt bother most people, but im vegetarian;-)

A little little better service and I would happily give them their 5th star!
The Cream Cheese is delicious!


after having our indian food at cacaja for a very long time, we finally decided to give ganesh a try, especially since the reviews on gokunming rated it as the better one of the two. all i can say is, it was a pretty stupid decision.
Ganesh’s food is pretty good, more or less the same as cacajas, although i think it’s more pricy.
what really ruined my evening was the service. seriously, worst service I’ve
ever had around wenlinjie. 3 of the 5 dishes we ordered were out of stock, we got some curry stuff instead of the soup we originally ordered, we had to ask for our rice three times(!!!) and when it finally came, the curry was already half cold. Impossible to enjoy a relaxed meal like that. it still makes me angry when i think of it. also i think the restaurant-bar concept is just not what i like, we arrived around 8ish and already had a crowd of beer drinking, shouting people surrounding us, but i guess i could probably even live with that. i think my standards regarding good service arent even that high, but after my experience at ganesh im sure i will not come back-cacaja wan sui!
one extra star for the cheese naan though.


Best bread Ive eaten in China, just like in Germany. Sandwiches to take away. Great!!!
I was more than surprised, that the waitress not just spoke Chinese and English, but also German. All I can say is: impressive!