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Agree. Excellent pics by Yereth and a very descriptive article. Kunming sure has changed since I left in 2007!
Is there/will there be a subway station near my old haunt of Jian Shi Lu?

Having lived on and off (mainly off!) in Chiang Mai since 2005, I have never been to these gardens because I did not know they were there. I have been to the top of Doi Suhket a few times, so must have driven past!
The pics are excellent and I will go next time I visit. There is also a big Garden dedicated to HM the KING at ground level, not far from the mountain and well worth a visit too!

Thanks for the info Chris, and here's hoping it won't be foggy on the 23rd/24th.
Unfortunately, due to severe financial constraints, I will be staying overnight at the airport, waiting for my 11am connection on the 24th. Do you know if the shop on the 2nd level is open all night for cheap noodles/food?

Chris, do you know what the problem was at Changshui-was it fog again?
I am due to fly into KMG on Feb 23 and stay overnight til 11am the next day. How is the staying overnight situation now-anyone have any updates?


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