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101 Good Reasons to live in China

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

1 - Violent crime is very low - just take care of your scooter and phone.
2 - Women are slim and sexy - Not obese like in USA.
3 - Economy is good - not collapsing like USA.
4 - People are usually Not aggressive.
5 - Western or Chinese medicine is inexpensive and don't need to make an expensive doctor visit or pay more for a prescription from doctor.
6 - Drug and alcohol addiction is very low in China.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

1 - Agree
2- Agree but some have dog breath, real bad.
3 - Agree to a point, but the downturn and hard landing of the economy is not reported to its full extent here.
4 - Agree
5 - Aggression differs from city to city. Just like back home.
6 - Disagree. It just isn't reported here. There are major drug problems. Alcohol problems are not recognized yet, but they are there.

atomic (156 posts) • 0

Might be easier to re-title the thread 101 reasons to live in Kunming. I'd have trouble finding 3 good reasons to live in Shanghai for example.

I disagree as regards #5, but then I come from a country (Australia) that has a national health system.

7. Good, inexpensive and reliable public transport system, soon to be excellent once the train system is in place.

8. Fresh food is plentiful and inexpensive (in dollar terms).

Stevegbrooks (6 posts) • 0

Any comparison is obviously going to be relative to the persons home country, but I really appreciate:

11. Can drink beers on the street
12. Don't have to tip!

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

3. I disagree. China's economy is cyclic but the official stats are not. Over reliance on investments gives China new roads that last less than five years, collapsing bridges and a lot of new airports built waaaay out of town but provides poor return for the money spent or stolen. The fat lady is in the wings and warming up.

5. Yes and No. One of the several meds I need is only available in Beijing. So I spend 4,000 for flights and hotel to buy the low priced meds three or four times a year.

6. I disagree but agree with Dazzer.

7,8,9,10. I agree.


13. China expat life is both good and not so good. After 18 years outside the US, Kunming is pretty good compared with other parts of China.

AlPage48 (1371 posts) • 0

For #10, yes the streets are swept. I just wish people would stop throwing their garbage anywhere making it necessary!

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

14 - No chemtrails in the sky.
15 - NO police state - No armed police intimidating people.
16 - I feel safe - I know there are gangs but not everywhere like in USA.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

17. A centrally controlled government actually interested in long term health of the country rather than just surviving the next term. (not saying the government is amazing in all respects, but its definitely a refreshing change from the corrupted by big business/money/power politics of the west)

18. Outside of the big east coast cities, you are a rockstar.

19. The experience of being in a culture SO different to us that its like its from a different planet.

20. The sights! There are still lots of cool things to see and do in China, would be much cooler though if we could go to Tibet easily :-(

21. The traditional ideals of shared culture/responsibility/doing things together/relationship that are sadly being lost in some respects but are still around - especially still apparent within a family unit. If you are part of it you feel much more like you can get help with any problem than you can in the west.

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