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I agree with the statement about the people in new cars and shiny clothes racks and the whole thing on Wen Hua Xiang.

I've often been having a drink and watching, looking at my watch, and sure enough, they appear like clockwork about 10pm. The officials know this. But there is no enforcement against them from about 10pm on. It's a sham.
I've often wondered why the outdoor areas of Wen Hua Xiang can't have a few tables and chairs so people could sit outside like in most cities that encourage sidewalk cafes. Yet, every night, instead of a nice atmosphere, it turns into a bizarre jungle and interferes with all of the businesses.
Yeah, we see people scrambling with their goods, running down the street when the raids occur — but those people do not sell out of new cars. The people that sell from cars just throw their stuff in the car and close the door and wait for the raids to finish. It's pretty strange.
What will change? Will they allow outdoor seating and areas for real businesses on Wen Hua Xiang? Will it be turned into something like a nice walking and strolling street like it should be, like we find in most major cities of the world?
No, the vendors selling from fancy cars and those who set up clothes racks will continue to be ignored I am afraid.


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