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Forums > Living in Kunming > visa extention


I have a L Visa (tourist) for one month which expires in 7 days and I want to renew it for another month. I went to the office in Beijing lu and gave me an application to fill in and that's it. As I am staying in a friend's place they told me that I have to write the adress, but I am not sure if I need a paper from the Landlord of this flat which says that I am staying there.

The police officer at the desk wasn't really nice, so he didn't tell me anything about it and maybe I go there again for nothing if I don't have this paper... Does anyone know anything about it?


Forums > Travel Yunnan > can I rent a car?


I am planning to go for a trip around Yunnan, and as we are a group of people we thought about renting a van or a car. Do you know if we need any special permit? and where could we rent it? We don't want to hire a guide or a driver...



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