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can I rent a car?

haining_m (4 posts) • 0


I am planning to go for a trip around Yunnan, and as we are a group of people we thought about renting a van or a car. Do you know if we need any special permit? and where could we rent it? We don't want to hire a guide or a driver...


Charly Zhao (18 posts) • 0

you have to have the Chinese drivers license, or can not drive the any cars, we have 7 seats business car, and more cars and buses, but you have to offer us deposit.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

Hello Charly,
I need to rent a car for the 1rst or 2nd February.
Do you have any car available?
contact me at: 13759154360


tigertiger - moderator (5089 posts) • 0

You can rent a car/minibus and driver. This can end up costing not much more than hiring a car.

It is also more convenient, and takes out a lot of risk, especially if you have not learned the rules of the road (and I don't mean traffic law) in China yet.

However, Spring festival is a difficult time.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

I've been calling many places and everything is booked or too expensive because of the Spring festival. I need a car just for one or two days to go to Anning and around Kunming. 4 people.

Any idea?

judyzhang (3 posts) • 0

we from Echinaromance.com, we could rent a business 7 seat buick car GL8 for you to travel around Yunnan and Guzhou during this chinese new year holiday from 1 Feb to 9 Feb 2011, but our driver will drive the car for you, if you rent 7 seat buick trip in Kunming city in this chinese public holiday, the fee is about 700-800RMB/per day start from 9:00AM to 18:30, which includes gas. If you will trip to Dali, Lijiang, stone forest outside of Kunming city, fee is about 900-1000RMB/per day start from 9:00Am to 18:30, which excludes gas, toll fee, parking fee, driver's food, room rate. Please call our mobile if you need it. Judy's cell phone: 13888726753, tel: 0871-6773530, www.echinaromance.com

Charly Zhao (18 posts) • 0

sorry for the late reply, I just come back to work, what a pity, we just a business car including 7 seats, 4ooRMB/ per day, if you need driver, which is 750/ per day, including driver' fare, gas and so on during spring festival, looking forward to service u next time.

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