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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming sucks the life out of me...

Every day that I wake up, I get depressed every time I open my window. There is nothing here that is visually appealing, period.

The structures in the city have no "flavor" to them. Everything looks the same.

There is nothing to eat here except the high-priced food they serve at good ole' Salvador's.

Oh yeah, the service at Salvador's sucks. I find it funny they have a tip jar...hahahaha Their tip jar is nothing more than a paradox...hahaha If you people at Salvador's think I am going to leave a tip, you're crazy. You people need to learn how to wait on your customers...

Most of the private language schools around here that offer Chinese classes are a rip-off. Most of the schools just want your money and nothing more.

I can't get out of here. It's not like I can go to some travel office and buy a ticket. I can't speak Chinese.

I can't use my credit cards here in China so I can't book a ticket online.

How the heck the do I get out of this black hole???

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming sucks the life out of me...

Kunming is such as depressing city...

Every time I eat Chinese food I s*** it all out 10 minutes later.

The food around here sucks. How much rice can you eat? Really? No wonder these people around here look like sticks. Rice with a tiny bit of meat mixed in doesn't fill me up.

I bet if I was in Manila or Quezon City, I would be able to find something to eat that fills me up.

If I stay here much longer I am going to look like I was in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

I also don't like the fact that there are no clothes dryers in Kunming. I hate leaving my clothes out to dry.

God this place sucks....

Forums > Living in Kunming > Answer to ' Kunming is OVERRATED'


I am glad you agree with me somewhat on the issue of how many Expats are stuck up.

And for all of you that think Kunming is such a great place, what is there to do here, really? I am dying to know.

Yes, I can study Chinese at some over priced Chinese language school where they want me to pay 6000 RMB for two weeks of mediocre

The Kendu or Chongdu or whatever the heck you call that place with all the nightclubs/bars is BS too. All of those places want to you to buy between 150-500 RMB worth of beer or you have to leave...What a joke. What happened to the days of paying a small cover charge and buying a beer and hanging out in a bar/club??? What happened to those days or is that just a policy in China?

Since most of you guys at Salvador's and on this website are so "cool," let me know what you do here in Kunming to have fun.

Here is another thing I don't like about Kunming: Chinese people can't drive. These people here drive like maniacs.


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