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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese family wants do adopt my son

damn i feel sorry for you. really.
she wants a divorce if she won't let the family keep it? lol.
book the next flight back to sweden or go to another asian country 'cause this is only phase 1 of the drama your having.
phase 2 is gon' be your wife and her family talkin' shit about you saying that you should abide to chinese culture.
phase 3 is gon' be you actually having to deal with your wife and her family's bs everyday in gray china.
phase 4 is gon' divorce plus a fight in court for ur wife and her family to keep the kid
phase 5 is gon' be you being the big loser.

fight back. tell them in the western world, this shit is unacceptable.
if they continue being douche's, then get the fuck outta there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Haina

most teachers at haina and other schools are basically untrained teachers trying to earn a wage in kunming because they have no potentials to get jobs back home

some have college degrees and some don't but schools like haina don't really look for teachers with degrees. like almost all the schools in china, just being a native speaker is what matters most.

i don't know any teachers in haina or henderson or oriental or whatever the name but from what I heard, most of 'em are just foreigners who came to kunming to study, then had an easy oppurtunity to earn 5K or above a month and live comfortable there by teaching english 'cause their white or native speakers.

but then again, who needs a professional, experienced teacher with degrees to teach little chinese kids abc's and you are a fag grammar lessons.
english school directors make fortune so its a great deal for them.
foreigners illegally teaching make enough to live comfortable so also great deal for them.
everybody's happy.

Forums > Living in Kunming > The reason why I came to Kunming (over the summer)

ion't even know anymore ~

i guess if you got game you can hook up with any chinese girls anywhere in china ~
its all on you GX. nothing to do with these people or this country.
just my opinion though, i got real sick of chinese girls ~ their stuck-up'ness', their lack of knowledge of other countries and people around the world, and the fact that many china gals in kunming alone were fugly.

Forums > Living in Kunming > The reason why I came to Kunming (over the summer)

well ~ i lived in kunming for 4 years.

got real sick of it and left (lol)
I guess kunming is okay if you don't mind the old rural chinese way of life.

but if your fashion oriented and love to be in a diverse city, and don't want to be disrespected from time to time by the local people with mocking giggles, stares, and constant lack of manners then kunming is definitely not for you.
and to go to kunming to see pretty girls and get laid? i don't think it's the right place. although I have seen some hot girls (a dozen in 4 years), i'd try somewhere else.
after a year, i think kunming gets pretty boring.


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