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Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

How crappy a place can Kunming Haina school be since they feel the need to advertise for teachers on a weekly basis?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Well - not familiar with Haina - so probably better and safer to pose a more generic less flammable question - besides they could be suffering from the following conditions:

1. Explosive growth. That doesn't mean they're good or bad - but word of mouth travels quickly - especially on these forums - so it should be somewhat of a positive indication.
2. Haina is in the outskirts - so teachers living inside the second ring road tire of the commute - since it's time consuming and eats up any profits they may make teaching or moonlighting.
3. Low pay - maybe they're offering sub ¥100 per hour and good aka popular English teachers can command more (MUCH more if you have the right connections).
4. The English teachers are crappy and tend to move around a lot.
5. Least desirable answer - Haina is a crappy employer. Please note I am NOT saying they're crappy - it's merely a potential reason for high transient employee turnover - and let's face it - english teachers OUTSIDE the university environment tend to be transient and prone to high turnover.

And for all you English teachers and wannabees looking for moonlight jobs - the one-on-one tutors for junior high and above levels CAN pay exorbitantly well - depending on the client you should be able to command ¥200+ per hour - just make sure your client isn't in Anning - the commute could/would be...unpleasant. Iit's also better to have the students come meet you - less distractions and if you have an office or classroom (or not) - you can cut your commute fees to ZERO.

My Beijing buddies are doing ¥2 per month. If you're good (aka the students don't doze), these stints can last for years. Steady employment...just a thought - and if you get too many students - you can maybe partner with one of the language schools (or start your own) and learn just how much fun it can be to incessantly recruit and hire transient english teachers.

daliluver (17 posts) • 0

most teachers at haina and other schools are basically untrained teachers trying to earn a wage in kunming because they have no potentials to get jobs back home

some have college degrees and some don't but schools like haina don't really look for teachers with degrees. like almost all the schools in china, just being a native speaker is what matters most.

i don't know any teachers in haina or henderson or oriental or whatever the name but from what I heard, most of 'em are just foreigners who came to kunming to study, then had an easy oppurtunity to earn 5K or above a month and live comfortable there by teaching english 'cause their white or native speakers.

but then again, who needs a professional, experienced teacher with degrees to teach little chinese kids abc's and you are a fag grammar lessons.
english school directors make fortune so its a great deal for them.
foreigners illegally teaching make enough to live comfortable so also great deal for them.
everybody's happy.

onomatopoeiaaah (51 posts) • 0

I have no affiliation with Haina whatsoever. As to whether it's 'crappy' or not, i have no idea, and it seems neither does Danmairen but he passed a needlessly petty comment anyway, regardless.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

compared to some other gokm blogs - Dan's not even close to potty mouth...

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I mentioned Haina because it might be worth discussing why a school seems to be looking for new teachers several times a month. If nothing else, then to make prospective applicants aware that something might be a little out of the ordinary -not to say fishy- with this place. With that in mind Laotou and Dalilover's posts are a lot more worthy of a read that OnomaWhatthehellever's.

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