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One idea I've had for this website is to have a restaurant critic page. It baffles my mind the amount of places in Kunming that have a tip jar but no suggestion box. It's like no one is willing to make their place better, but if there were a featured critic on a popular website then maybe their quality of food and service would improve, b/c let's face it, most western food falls on the average to below average scale, so maybe they need a kick in the rear.

Just a thought from one KM resident of 5 years, and of China for 10 years.




Yesterday I wrote a not so kind review on here b/c Sandra didn't seem to have the decency to come to the door last night to let us know that she was closed on Wednesday.

As you can see from her comment, she was not fully dressed.

Sorry for assuming the worst, Sandra.

I should have known something was up. Next time we have an evening to make it over there again, we'll make sure it's not Wednesday and drop on in.

Just be sure and wear trousers this time!