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Forums > Food & Drink > Chicken breast

Our wet market close to the (now older) westside walmart has them. 20 rmb per 1kg bag. it's the walmart a couple of bus stops west of the westside wicker basket. at that walmart intersection, go north about 200m, the wet market is on the left hand side.

Forums > Study > AP Classes

You can take online AP classes from many online high schools in the US, such as University of Missouri online high school
and then just take the AP test at an accredited testing site, such as KIA. Contact KIA about taking the test as a non-enrolled student.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Toddler-friendly guesthouse in Dali?

Highly recommend Sleepyfish!! It's very close to oldtown, has amazing service, comfy rooms, a fenced in yard, and the people who run it really go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. We love it there, and have heard only good things from others who have stayed there. Check out

Forums > Living in Kunming > Help needed for English couple to find a flat to rent in Kunming

Hi: racefire is in the US now for 6 months, we manage their apartment. It would have been easier if you posted this on classifieds, then we could have written to you rather than posting here.
Racefire's apartment is available now, but we do have a booking for the whole month of August, so this may not work for you--unless you find something else till the end of August. All the best! (Again, please post to classifieds!)


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