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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for somewhere to edit Quark 7 files?

I have brochures which need editing. The files were created using Quark 7 and can be edited using Quark 8 as well.

Does anyone know of someone (or some place) that maybe be able to help me edit these Quark files? I have been to a number of printing shops and none of them use Quark.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for high Quality Printing Shops

Thanks Greenery, DaMiao and Ahmet.


At the moment we are only starting to investigate opportunities in the Chinese market place. Our target market is quite specific. It will be a while before we need to print, or know what volume of brochures we need. First order at a guess would include between 500 hundred to 800 'envelopes (A4 size)'. Each 'envelop' will have minimum of two brochures, maximum of 4. Each envelop will contain at least the large brochure mentioned in the original post, and one A4 sized laminated brochure. But there are still many variables, so the numbers may change considerably.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for high Quality Printing Shops

Can any one recommend high quality Printing Shops located centrally in Kunming?

I need to print Business Brochures. The brochures are on what I believe is plastified paper. I have found a print shop that can match the quality but can't print the size required for one of the items. The size of the large item is 630 × 891 mm (three times the size of an A4 sheet). I can provide samples from which to compare the quality required.

Alternatively to responding here you can contact me (Rob) directly: 15096603460


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