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Would anyone be interested in setting up a mixed (men and ladies) FIVE A-SIDE FOOTBALL LEAGUE on Tuesday evenings at Happy Soccer?

Maybe we could get 4 or hopefully more teams, hire the two pitches and set up a mini league every Tuesday evening.

Let me know if you are interested. Teams and individuals welcome, as individuals can join together to make a team.

rrrrr (16 posts) • 0

Hi Kiwi3

We will be playing at 18:45-20:00 on Tuesday evenings at Happy Soccer. You are more than welcome to join us.

I have contacted Will from FC Kunming and hopefully some of those people, will join us on Tuesdays. So along with the Shane folk we should be able to have a good kick around.

In the future, if enough people want to play, we could hire both pitches at Happy Soccer and maybe organise teams and a 5 a-side league. It depends on what people want to do and how many people turn up.

Anyway, we will look forward to seeing you at Happy Soccer on Tuesday evening at 18:45.

debaser (647 posts) • 0

i'll be there. where are the others who expressed interest on the other thread? steve, good to see your name down. to the others: get your names on this thread please so we can try to get some idea of numbers. :)

rrrrr (16 posts) • 0

Happy Soccer have overbooked the pitches. So we have had to change the time to an hour earlier, so meet at Happy Soccer at 5:45, to start playing between 6 and 7.

My phone number is: 13211743026
My email is: rich.crossley@hotmail.co.uk

Send me a text or email me your phone numbers and I will send you a text, to show the taxi driver with the address of Happy Soccer in Chinese.

Hope the change of time does not inconvenience you, and we look forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday at 5:45 at Happy Soccer.

rrrrr (16 posts) • 0

We had 8 people last week!

We will be playing again next Tuesday evening at 5:45 at Happy Soccer.

Any new players very welcome.

vexed (31 posts) • 0


If it's ok I'd like to come along too - once I'm in Kunming. I'm due to fly there next week, it may take me a week or two to get myself set up but once I do, I'd be happy to come along on a weekly basis - it's been aaaages since I've played 5-a-side!

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Hi Guys,

I was planning on playing Tuesday afternoon - from the other thread.

But my schedule for Tuesday daytime is crazy, i'd love to come along to this Tuesday evening game though if that's ok?

When do you play until?

As mentioned on the other thread i'd love to play and this is much better for me!

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