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Forums > Living in Kunming > Do the Chinese of Kunming stare a lot at Laowai?

I also have my bad days when the staring and the hellooooooooooing can really annoy me. But, then I remember that it's relatively harmless compared to what happens sometimes to foreigners in my country (England). I've seen people get beaten up, spat at, called racial slurs, refused admission to places and other much worse things than what happens here. I'd much rather be an Englishman in China than a Chinese man in England!

Forums > Living in Kunming > RMB to dollars to US


A little different but I've converted RMB to Pounds Sterling then transferred before.

Essentially, you need a Chinese person for some part of the process (either the changing of currency or the actual transfer of funds to your account - I can't remember which). It seemed to me like Bank of China was the only place that could do this. I took my Chinese girlfriend, who had to open up a bank of China account, and it took about 30mins to sort it all out.

All in all it takes lot of paperwork, needless stamping, begrudging bankers and a bucket load of patience. I did mine up at the Bank of China near Beichen Zhonglu.

Hope that helps.

Forums > Study > Your favourite book?

@bosnianXCII: Yes, I've heard the Ender series is great, only read book 1 but I'm on the look out for the others. I'm also hoping to read The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov.

I tend to scour the second-hand bookshops / book exchanges for good books, so sometimes I can go a long time between different books in a series. It's a good way to discover new authors and I like the feel of a well-read book.

And how could I forget Gun, Germs and Steel? A seminal book and very readable.

Forums > Study > Your favourite book?

Absolute classics that I've read a few times:

*1984 - George Orwell
*Animal Farm - George Orwell
*Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Some books I've read recently which I really enjoyed:

*Ender's Game - Scott Orson Card <one of those unputdownable books - very good ending>

*The Beach - Alex Garland <a good overall message for travellers>

*Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts <an epic true story - thought-provoking and intriguing>


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