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Buying used laptop

rachel_bull (8 posts) • 0

Hi there,

I'd like to buy an used laptop. Do you know any place where I can buy one? Also, do you know if new laptops have that Chinese gov. censorship software installed by default? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Rogan here (9 posts) • 0

Hi Rachel,U can buy used laptop in the Yuantong area,not far from Yunnan University.There are many shops labelled "二手电脑"(Second hand laptops).However,I suggest u do not buy that coz it do not have any quality guarantee.

Also,as far as I know,no laptop is installed by such kind of software.So do not worry when u buy a new one.

I know a friend selling laptops,if help,u could send private msg to me

TTChopper (8 posts) • 0

What kind of laptop are you looking for? I have a small netbook for sale for a reasonable price. Let me know if you're interested.

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