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Vexed, evening time suits me. Monday, Wedensday, Thursday my class finshes at about 17:15 (XiaoXiMen). Fridays I finish at 16:00. So any time after that as long as I have time to make it to the venue (I cycle).

I would also be willing to play on the weekends, 14:00 onwards.


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DaMarKe say's John is a force of nature, but I think he also defies it. John has a wonderful mind and you'll often be amazed at the enthusiasm and knowledge with which he tackles almost any topic of conversation. It's well documented that when in attendance at the chapter one weekly table quiz, he is consistently one of the best performers. But, I don't think his mind is the rudder in his life, the lure that draws so many people to him or leave so many in awe of him; it is his heart, soul, and determination to enjoy every fucking minute of his existence!

Sometimes in the heat of a good night-out you may have to switch on the windshield wipers, but I'm honoured to be within firing range. That's my kind of baptism!

John and Cas are living legends!


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