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I think that China has NOT lost its' sense of Wonder about the Universe, which HAS been lost in the West. This, more than any other reason is why CHINA will be the future. As a physicist who has worked with NASA on "next step" propulsion, (after rockets), I am reminded of Hamlet's statement "There is more in Heaven and Earth than is Dreamt of in your philosoophy, Horatio. We must ALL remember this. If we can THINK of it or DREAM it, it is POSSIBLE. We just haven't figured out HOW to do it yet. (some, we have)...There are always ways AROUND the laws of the Universe,,,which are really DEEPER LAWS that we haven't discovered yet. I applaud this beautiful man, and would love to share a cup of tea with him and good conversation sometime. I think we will both enjoy what we have to talk about.


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