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I have been studying here for nearly 2 semesters. I have been fascinated by the vibe of the city. Lijiang is a very slow city. On a good day, you can see the Yulong snow mountain on the back. People here seem to be very polite and very nice to you especially if you are a foreigner. It has been always amazing when you still can see some local people here wearing their own traditional costumes. The school is small but cozy. The staff here are very nice and we live like a big family. The school has provided quality teaching. My classrooms have only around 3-5 students which is very good for us since the teachers can pay more attention to the students. Regarding the food, there is a nice American restaurant next to the school. Additionally, on the back of the school, there are a lot of local and cheap restaurants.

The only thing i need to comment is dormitory condition. The room is simple and plain which is absolutely ok, but I think more maintenance is required.

Overall, I am satisfied with Huayang and living in Lijiang has been by far one of the best time in my entire life.