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I'm new in town and I play guitar - definitely love the RnB, funk flavors as well.

The Turtle bar is definitely a good spot on Tuesdays, the tracks bar on Mon/Wed (I think) and Xian Ke (sp?) on Sunday nights for places to jam & meet.

Come on out tonight to hear some great stuff at the Turtle!!

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@michael2015 Thank you for your help (and the welcome!).

I've been checking the listing daily, I've found a couple that were great but too far, or too expensive, or not meeting my requirements. I've since contacted a few agents and will visit to check out several units in some of the recommended areas.


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I used an app called "laowai drive' (in addition to the other site mentioned in the article) - it's not free but the questions were exact copies of the test questions. The app also has a mode to target your mistakes and you can take practice tests until you're ready - combine these two and you'll be good to go.


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