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hello dear friends,

I am a foreigner who speaks English.I came for work to Kunming.
I want to learn Chinese from the beginning.(specially need to communicate with people in day to day life)

so I need a proper class for it (either government or private) and cost also suits for my budget.

so kindly need your recommendations.

1.Location of the class?
2.Which programme I must study?
3.Full Cost for the programme?
4.Duration of the programme?


Forums > Living in Kunming > kun ming bus...

i have to clarify something about kun ming buses..

1.some bus fare in kun ming is 1 yuan and 2 yuan

how does we know before getting to the bus that it takes 1 or 2 yuan...?

2.what is the app that we can use for bus fare

because some persons scan a code when getting to the bus i need what is the app and is there any qa code for it...?

please help me


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