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learning Chinese from the beginning..

Suminda12345 (3 posts) • 0

hello dear friends,

I am a foreigner who speaks English.I came for work to Kunming.
I want to learn Chinese from the beginning.(specially need to communicate with people in day to day life)

so I need a proper class for it (either government or private) and cost also suits for my budget.

so kindly need your recommendations.

1.Location of the class?
2.Which programme I must study?
3.Full Cost for the programme?
4.Duration of the programme?


tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • +2

It might be better to learn in a private school for two simple reasons.

Firstly, everyday Chinese. Teachers in the private sector seem to have more freedom to cover language wanted by the students. They seem more willing to teach things not on the course, and to teach some important local language usage (not strictly Mandarin). Private school classes are often smaller, and there is more time for individual needs.

Secondly, writing. On university courses the needs of the HSK Chinese test are the main goal. Many beginners do not want to learn to write, and for daily life you do not need it, reading is more important. At the university you will have to practice writing. You will need to be able to write if you want to do the HSK Chinese test, otherwise you don't as you can use a keyboard/phone.

Learn Chinese YN (19 posts) • 0

Welcome to drop into our school on the corner of Jianshe and Xuefu lu. We have a new semester starting in late August.

We have a good little community with many long term students, drop in for a coffee and chat with Lori about options or send her an email [email protected]

best of luck

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • +2

I did a course with Huayang. I found them easy to work with, as their customer. Pre-course communication was good, and admin was easy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that customer care seems to be a priority.

colibris79 (16 posts) • 0

I'll add the online and offline resources that I use and find very useful:
-Pleco: Cellphone offline dictionary. You have the free version with all the basics. Dictionary, clipboard reader, flashcards, OCR...I have the basic bundle with another extras and I have to admit that my life in China would be so different

without Pleco. It also has now ebooks to read and articles from thechairmansbao.com
-The Chairman's Bao. Website where you can read articles based on HSK level. Recommended by a friend of mine and I use it everyday to practice my reading skills. Not free. They also have an app.
-Chinesepod. Website with audio pods with different levels. I also love this one and use it as much as I can. Interesting topics and quality material. Also not free and they have an app.
-Anki. Free. To practice flashcards. You can either use a desktop version, the browser or the app. You can download flashcard decks from their site.
Good luck!!! 加油

alienew (423 posts) • +1

Good plan, and all above good. In addition, note that learning to communicate with people in day to day life is also, and necessarily, greatly advanced by actually doing so.

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