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Forums > Study > Help Deciding: Dialect vs Homestudy vs School

I have friends from Shanghai that cannot understand their grandparents because Shanghai Dialect is so heavy so maybe no Shanghai.

While there are issues with dialect and accents in Kunming there are also people here from any part of China. You can also make sure your school / teacher has standard Mandarin.

One great benefit of Yunnan is the great weather and access to nature. If you have one month in great weather intensively studying with a great teacher I think it is important to make sure you are in a comfortable place

April might still be cold some places in the North but Kunming has great weather at that time.

Best of luck with your study!

Forums > Study > Where to study in Yunnan

Hi NatVah,

Not sure about others but they probably accept under 18s.

Our school Huayang Academy accepts children, we also have close connection with the top provincial University and sent over 150 students there on scholarship this year alone.

(please note that not all of these students studied with us)


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