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Ebike tune up

miealex (44 posts) • 0

Hey guys,

Although I know most places are probably closed right now, does anyone know a good place where I can get my Ebike checked out? Namely the suspension is really soft and every bump I go over it springs up and down way too much.

Also, if there is anywhere I can still get it cleaned/ power washed, let me know. I heard most places stopped doing it a few years ago after being banned from doing it on the street (not sure if this is actually the case).

If you have a go-to guy, let me know. I live up near Beichen but I'm willing to travel if it's a good recommendation. Thanks in advance.

miealex (44 posts) • 0

Thanks man, is there any particular one that you go to? I've been to a couple and been turned away in the past.

Learn Chinese YN (19 posts) • +2

Very Good Mechanic on the corner of Hongshandong lu and sujiatang lu. He often fixes our students bikes for free or just charges for parts. Only problem is sometimes I think he doesn't like customers to spend money so if its working he will just say its fine its fine

Only way around is to be insistent

Let us know how you get on either way

tigertigerathome (102 posts) • +2

Personally, I would not power wash a bike of any kind. The jets are powerful enough to wash the grease out of bearings, and chain links, especially if the jet wash uses any kind of detergent. Water can also get into electrical components, especially if the machine is a few years old.

Learn Chinese YN (19 posts) • 0

Used to see many ebike washers around the city for 10rmb or less. Haven't seen one in ages. Don't worry too much about pressure because they just wash the wheels and plastic shell in my experience and do a great job.

I wouldn't bring a bicycle for the reasons mentioned by tiger above

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