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Forums > Study > Where to study in Yunnan

Hi Josh,

If you need anything please contact us at Huayang we can help you out with apartments or bank cards etc. you can come in and meet us for a coffee to see what you need



Forums > Living in Kunming > Any cycle touring groups in Kunming?

Hi, there is a group of cyclists in our school ( huayang Academy ) they do weekend rides, bamboo temple, Fumin, Qipanshan, some started without any experience.

I know some do touring also, If you know Barfly the owner alex is part of it he can add you into the groups

Forums > Study > Chinese Corner

Very strange to hear that Chinese Corner is old hat and not useful when you can just speak with locals.

Usually Chinese corners will have a topic to discuss and be lead by someone who knows what they are doing for example a teacher to prepare talking points and games.

Otherwise high level students take over the conversation.

Also just going out and talking is very different to a Chinese corner. You can't for example stipulate a word list, or topic for a conversation on the street and make the other party take on the responsibility of improving your Chinese level.

Anyway just my opinion that a Chinese corner can be useful for people learning Chinese

good luck to all students :D


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