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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

Of the three articles debaser list above two are outdated. Any info of more than a year in China you have to regard as being outdated and of no value.

The only article of this year is full of mistakes and starts with a lot of bias; the header is Elusive Chinese Green Card. There is nothing elusive about it and it is not a green card. The article is pretentious as well with statements like “Look no further for insight” which is then followed by the bare basics and even that is full of mistakes.

The name of the thing is: Foreign Permanent Resident ID card. It is a resident permit that is valid for 10 years and like all residents permits you can be kicked out of the country for serious misbehaviour. But not for overstaying your visa because you don’t need a visa. The article is clearly wrong there.

It is wrong as well that the Criminal record check is to verify that you haven’t been convicted of any crimes in China. The criminal record check is from your home country (and from countries you lived in more than 2 years during the last ten years). Thus that you have not committed crimes elsewhere. If you committed a crime in China then they already know that.

Than the article refers to 10,000 by 2016 as an indication that it is very hard to get. Well in 2016 things changed.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Moving to Kunming - where?

I live in that area and the area around Aegean at Guangfu Lu does not have an expat community but a middle school teacher community concentrated around the KIA and Wicker Basket thus heavily American and teacher like. So if you are looking for a different expat community then this is not the best place if you are not connected to KIA. No night life or even a single bar in this area. No western style food other than Burger King and Starbucks.

PS: not much on offer rent wise as well in this area.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

Speaking Chinese is not a requirement. I don’t speak anything near even basic Chinese.
Indeed permanent is in this case 10 years. Renewal is said to be no problem.
But that is probably given that circumstances didn’t change and a divorce is a change in circumstances. No idea what will be the case then. Might depend on if there are children or not. Or even if there is a solid job or something like that. Sorry can’t help you out on that one.


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