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My latest book CHINA'S COVERED BRIDGES: ARCHITECTURE OVER WATER has excellent coverage of the covered bridges in Yunnan.

For a new article "China’s corridor bridges: heritage buildings over water" that puts them into national and international context, download a free e-copy at

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Yunnan Covered Bridges--Seeking Old Photographs

Thanks so much, voltaire and Petergg, for your quick responses. I certainly fill follow up with Jim Goodman, whose website is quite interesting. I read Chinese and have done deep searches and have come up with some very good old images. There are two French postcards that I'm trying to obtain but delcampe sold them a long time ago (only a poorer one still available) Will continue to check that site. I have gone through most, if not all, of the old books by French, English, and Americans who traveled in SW China and have some good images.

My sense is that there still are French postcards that will surface. We've visited close to 30 covered bridges in Yunnan, probably the most important ones, but clearly have missed some because of time.

The cantilevered covered bridges in Yunnan have some specific structural components NOT seen elsewhere in China. We are still examining the mechanical aspects of these additional components. While we have talked with carpenters who are still constructing covered bridges in eastern China, we have not yet located any in Yunnan.

Welcome your additional comments and leads.

My email address is if you wish to respond off-line. Thanks.


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