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Forums > Study > Study at Yunnan Normal University

I think there are two universities with similar name in Kunming, "Yunnan NORMAL University" and "Yunnan University".

If you go in Yunnan Normal University you can study in two different campus, "er yi yi street Campus" or "Chendong Campus".

The first is in the city, but I think it is older and less prepared for foreign students, while in Chendong has better infrastructures but against this far from the city and contact with people of Kunming.
Next week I will go to yieryi street Campus, so I cant give my opinion, only what I read ..

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Taxi Service Is Very Good

I'm new in Kunming, actually I will go in a few days,

My second thought was " I will take a taxi from the aertport to University for not to complicate my life, 80 yuans, but will be easier and comfortable .. ".

But after reading all your comments, I returned to my first idea, take the Airport Bus n1 and walk for 10 minutes to get to my destination !!

Thank you all for your opinions, it is dificis for someone new in town control everything that can happen.

And the first days are usually hard, full of unexpected things and really tired for the trip ..

Thanks everyone for yours comments!!

Forums > Study > Studying in YNNU (Yieryi campus) 2016/17

This september I will go to study in Yunnan Normal University, in Yieryi Campus ( the campus closer Kunming)

School of International Chinese Studies YNNU (Yieryi Campus)

There are some antique student who can tell me your experience there?

- there are cantine? what is the price?
- how is te rooms for 4 people?
- what is the duration of one semester? (5 months, 4 and half, ..)
- you know how many free days we have between the end of September semester and begin the March setember?
- The college wifi is free? if is not, what is the price?
- You can do official HSK exams? what dates?
- which advice can you tell me?

And there are some new student who will go this September, in the same Campus?


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