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I'm gonna throw a plug up here too.

My name is Nick and I am an Expat Health Insurance Broker. I have been serving expats in Vietnam for the past 6 years and you can read my reviews on The New Hanoian here:


I have a few products that would be suitable for Expats in Kunming, and I'm going to see about obtaining a few more products to suit you guys when I return to Hanoi next week (I am visiting Kunming until June 3 2016).

This article quotes some arbitrary numbers for what health insurance costs. The younger you are, the cheaper it is. Somebody healthy and 25 could get an emergency/evac policy for less than US$1000 per year and a comprehensive policy for twice that. On the other hand, if you are 62 and have a heavy medical history, yeah, that could cost a lot, $8000 or more.

It depends how old you are and how health you are. Some policies are great, and some suck. Cheap is always cheap for a reason and expensive is also always expensive for a good reason. You'll get what you pay for.

If you'd like a quote from a few different companies, I'd be happy to help. Your policy costs the same if you buy it through me or go directly to the insurer. You never get a bill from me, and you pay directly to the insurer you choose, they pay me a commission if the business swings their way.

So if you'd like to get sensible about all this, shoot me an email at [email protected] or PM me here.

Looking forward to serving Kunming.


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