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I'm gonna throw a plug up here too.

My name is Nick and I am an Expat Health Insurance Broker. I have been serving expats in Vietnam for the past 6 years and you can read my reviews on The New Hanoian here:[...]

I have a few products that would be suitable for Expats in Kunming, and I'm going to see about obtaining a few more products to suit you guys when I return to Hanoi next week (I am visiting Kunming until June 3 2016).

This article quotes some arbitrary numbers for what health insurance costs. The younger you are, the cheaper it is. Somebody healthy and 25 could get an emergency/evac policy for less than US$1000 per year and a comprehensive policy for twice that. On the other hand, if you are 62 and have a heavy medical history, yeah, that could cost a lot, $8000 or more.

It depends how old you are and how health you are. Some policies are great, and some suck. Cheap is always cheap for a reason and expensive is also always expensive for a good reason. You'll get what you pay for.

If you'd like a quote from a few different companies, I'd be happy to help. Your policy costs the same if you buy it through me or go directly to the insurer. You never get a bill from me, and you pay directly to the insurer you choose, they pay me a commission if the business swings their way.

So if you'd like to get sensible about all this, shoot me an email at or PM me here.

Looking forward to serving Kunming.


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