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Forums > Living in Kunming > Brazilian/Latin/Salsa Dancing places?

hi "salseros".
how was the party.. I couldn't come :( ..

If you organize another one tell me.
It will be fun if we had a place where we can dance every weeks and give some salsa & bachata classes to interested people..
a little bit late to give you names of bands/artists, its cuban salsa / timba :
- Barbaro fines y su Mayimbe
- Elito reve y su charangon
- Isac Delgado
- Manolito y su trabuco
- Maykel Blanco y su trabuco
- Los van van
- La charanga habanera
- Pupy y los que son son
- Tirso Duarte y la mecanica loca
- Havana de Primera (Alexander Abreu)
The bests of cuban salsa/timba..
If they are other people interested in giving classes or learning salsa, making something happen please contact me .I dance cuban style, but I have not dance partner and not experience in dance teaching. my wechat n 14787899731 (it was my old phone number)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Salsa, merengue, bachata or cumbia... in Kunming?

hi Chirean67..and AlexD
long time I was looking for people who like to dance Salsa here in KM... my problem was to find a dancer(women) with who I can practice ... can be there are more people interested here in KM in learning and/ or dancing salsa (latin dances) here in KM.. let me know if you want to organize something. If we will be some couples of dancers togheter to make some "exhibitions" in cui hu for exemple, it will be a good way to promote latin dance..( I'm cuban style dancer :) ...)


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