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Forums > Living in Kunming > Passport not to be issued?

My wife (Chinese) told me a few days ago that a couple if the big cities had recently stopped issuing passports in China. She was sure the smaller cities would follow this soon.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hemp ciggies & cbd Beer

@ Ishmael, you wonder whether these joints will get you stoned? Not if they’re hemp or high CBD/low THC. it’s the THC that gets you high with the CBD being a counterbalance.


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Great article but interesting that there is no mention that this wonderful place is about to be drastically reduced in size. If you want to see it as shown then GO NOW! The government is about to demolish loads of it and reduce the numbers of monks and laypeople by a huge amount. Unfortunately can't give you a link that doesn't require a VPN.

Greed which way HFCAMPO? The local government imposing the 80 kuai charge, local businesses or both?

I've been to Huangyao Guzhen in Guangxi a couple of times now. It's 100 kuai a ticket to get in there. IF the money gets spent on the infrastructure & renovations/repairs then find. Big problem is if it gets siphoned away elsewhere.....


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