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Passport not to be issued?

BlueBird (55 posts) • 0

Hey guys,

So I get to understand that Chinese officials do not issue passports to the citizens due to Covid-19 in order to restrict traveling? Any one knows anything about this?

baiyuxiang (106 posts) • 0

Within China or abroad? In the U.S. the issue seems to be a bottleneck due to embassy/consulate closures while the pandemic is active.

Chinese friends of mine who are studying in America have been able to receive renewed passports and travel permits (for children) after persistent pestering (daily emails) of the Chinese consulate closest to them, but they needed to show that they had A) a definite need, and B) definite plans to travel to China.

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

My wife (Chinese) told me a few days ago that a couple if the big cities had recently stopped issuing passports in China. She was sure the smaller cities would follow this soon.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

With most countries no longer accepting foreign visitors the need for passports is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, recently issued passports will still be valid for a long time so I do really understand what they're trying to accomplish, other than perhaps closing down the country as it was 40 years ago.

DanDare (141 posts) • 0

I thought they only issued passports to people who have travel plans. Are travel plans possible at the moment.
Or are they only not issuing travel permits?

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