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Hemp ciggies & cbd Beer

hermit (48 posts) • 0

According to the article in the news wire, the joint venture is in full production; with the domestic headquarters to be KM.
Difficult to grasp the full impact of this news, when very soon a bottle of the cbd beer 'Hybier' will be sold all over China, the new Amsterdam...

Ishmael (462 posts) • -1

Interestingly, the article doesn't mention whether or not these joints are gonna get me stoned. With so many Chinese beers around with only 3 point something % of alcohol, and some with only 2 point something, I am not counting on anything very exciting.
On the other hand, the cigarettes are all right....

hermit (48 posts) • 0

That's the thing; CBD is the real deal, and the Macau branch of the venture will handle world[wide distribution.
Just really hard to imagine at this point.

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

@ Ishmael, you wonder whether these joints will get you stoned? Not if they’re hemp or high CBD/low THC. it’s the THC that gets you high with the CBD being a counterbalance.

GoK Moderator (5096 posts) • 0

There is a good description of the difference between CBD and THC here www.healthline.com/health/cbd-vs-thc.
Basically CBD has medical benefits without the high. Both THC and CBD have medical benefits, that are similar but there are one or two differences in the medical conditions that they affect.
CBD won't give you 'the munchies'.

Important take away if you wish to consume CBD products. CBD will show up in a drug test. There are specific drug tests that are sensitive to CBD, which may be worth investing in if you ever fail a drug test, as it might be some defense in law that you used a legal product; might be.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

I prefer playing video games as a distraction over smoking, drinking, Cbd.

jopasny (184 posts) • -2

Which article is this in?

I'm assuming the joints you're talking about are high CBD, <0.3% THC hemp strains. Tried some in Italy last summer and really enjoyed it. A lot of the bud smell/taste like the real thing, but there is no real high. At most you might feel a tiny bit more relaxed and calmer.

CindyLi (36 posts) • +1

The reason for posting "Rise in deportations of foreign teachers" (now locked) in forums are threads like these.

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